helping organizations in their agile journey


The things the teams, groups of teams, departments, and enterprises need to keep in mind to not only deliver, but, deliver the right product at the right time to the right people that can be supported and maintained.

agile assessment

Where are you at on your agile journey? What is the next best investment for your teams, your organization, your people?


Getting people and teams the skills they have working together, with other teams, and delivering a whole product is an essential starting point to achieving goals.


Training creates a base fundamental knowledge of skills. Coaching adds the application of context, problem specific adaptations, and a history of experience to guide people, teams, and organization on sustained change and continued improvement.

product discovery

Finding the right products and services to solve business problems or take advantage of business opportunities.

agile enterprise transformation

Transforming a portion or a whole enterprise to work in a different manner is a large undertaking. It involves more than an initial assessment, some training, and coaching, and product discovery and learning to make this change. It’s a systemic change that must apply cultural and organization change practices to be effective. And, with any transformation, as soon as you get to where you wanted to be you’ve learned so much and your goals have changed.

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