Agile PMOs

Is your PMO leading the way in helping teams deliver, or, is it perceived as a barrier to progress?  You’ve likely lost sight of the main goal of a PMO, assisting and assuring teams deliver.

It’s an easy trap, that process stuff.  If you get just the right template…  If you get the process – all of it’s steps, gates, RACI charts, etc. together…  If you setup regular meetings for a governance or other purpose….  It will just work, right?  This rarely happens.

Each PMO needs to understand WHAT needs to be centralized and WHAT can be distributed.  This isn’t easy.  Organizations are complex and hierarchical thus questioning what centralized even means.  Teams go after problems that are always unique – using a cookie cutter to make a pie doesn’t make much sense to them, no matter how large you can scale that cookie cutter.

Ask yourself some tough questions:  What do you do with all those measurements collected painstakingly from team members, really, than make a pretty report that management asks about the numbers versus the people or the product those numbers reflect?  Why are you running projects that split valuable organizational assets across many unrelated efforts resulting in overall drastic lower throughput versus concentrating on a product that is making a difference to your organization?

The PMO that is agile (versus the Agile PMO) is possible.  Contact us to help.

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